Origo Cold Storage


$35MM USDA Food Chain Supply Loan
$17MM C-PACE Financing

Madera, CA

California produces 80% of the world’s almonds. The combined USDA and C-PACE transaction will help fund the new construction for a 254,000 square-foot almond storage facility, where temperatures can dip to 32 degrees.

The total transaction amount was $52MM. X-Caliber Rural Capital provided a $35MM USDA Food Supply Chain Loan, and CasteGreen provided a $17MM C-PACE financing.

The unique structure not only delivers long-term, low-cost financing, but it is designed to save the borrower a total of $3.7 million in reduced energy and water costs over the life of the improvements.

  • Annual CO2 reduction of 98.5MT per year
  • Annual energy reduction of 139,908 kWh per year
  • Annual reduction of 11,462 gallons of water per year